A Woman’s Heart

A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.

I have lived a life of secrets and lies.  We all do in a way.  There is just some stuff you don’t divulge to other people because it’s none of their damned business, or because the nature of the secret could really hurts someone deeply.  Most of the time, these secrets, in themselves aren’t really bad.  It’s the perspective of other people that give these secrets their negative nature.  Add in a relative that thrives on altering truths contained in these secrets and, you come up with a ticking time bomb! 
One of my brothers is doing exactly this…using charm and guile to fuel what will eventually be a revelation to a dying 87 year old woman that will break her heart. This brother reminds me a little of Beetlejuice.  Don’t say his name or he’ll be released to wreak havoc on anyone in his path.
 Brother thinks he’s slick.  Brother thinks that he’s undermining me by being the fox in the hen house, but the last laugh will be on him because there is loyalty in that hen house. The hens are very savvy and know what that bad old fox is up to.  He’s going to end up with egg on his face in the long run.
I just hate that he has to be that way. It’s like people love to have ‘something’ on someone and will hold it over your head just because they can. What he doesn’t realize is that, if I so chose, I could hold a few things over him that I’m certain he isn’t too damned proud of. At least the secret he’s holding over my head isn’t something I’m ashamed of. I’m trying very hard to leave this situation to Karma. I refuse to stoop to his low-rent level.  However, if he hurts anyone I love, I shall choose my words wisely and gently remind him  that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.  He really makes me angry!
I once idolized the man.  Now, he’s not even a shell of the person I once looked up to. He’ll stab you in the back while smiling in your face.  He’s an embarrassment to this family and certainly, not welcome in this house.  They always say that you should let go of grudges and such…oh, and to forgive…but sometimes, that just isn’t practical or probable. He set this scenario up for himself and alienated his brothers and sisters.  His mother who would welcome him with open arms is too much of an inconvenience to him. Guess what Rick the Prick…You are an inconvenience to me and, I will accept the responsibility of whatever happens when I cannot find forgiveness in my heart for you.My integrity will remain intact because I have a good reputation, unlike you.I do not need your validation.
Would any of you confront the person, if you were in my position?
Have any of you had this kind of relative?

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