I am a 46 year old licensed practical nurse who was permenantly disabled about two years ago due to 3 genetic conditions- Primary Immunodeficiency which, in my case, is like a bad connection between my cells that detect infection and the cells that tell the body to fight infection.  The T cells and B cells just don’t communicate properly.   At any rate, a small cut or scratch can turn into a full blown infection that will go from say, a finger, to the rest of my forearm within hours. If that isn’t enough to deal with, I threw several clots to my lungs about 15 months ago.   At first, it was thought that it was due to a picc line.  Howver, upon testing, it was discovered that I have not one, but two clotting disorders that cause my blood to be thick and sticky.  Therefore I take blood thinners daily.   On top of everything else, we found out that I have COPD. Total party foul!  As if all this isn’t debilitating enough, I am a type one bipolar.  Sometimes, I think it’s my bipolar disorder that helps me cope with all these ailments. I’m a happy manic, and try not to let my conditions ruin my day.

I miss nursing very much.  I hated it when I had to quit my job.  I loved working with my alzheimer’s residents.  They taught me so very much.  I learned to appreciate every day and those I love. I couldn’t imagine not being able to recognize my loved ones. I learned to appreciate a sweet song, as it may be the only thing I remember some day. I learned to love and be loved-the kind of love you can only have for your 2 dozen grannies and grandpas.   Oh, how I miss those dear old souls.   You don’t stop being a nurse because you don’t work at a place anymore. Right now, I’m raising a baby rabbit which has really helped me feel useful.  It’s not easy raising a traumatized, wild bunny.  She’s doing well though and, soon to be returned to the wild.  At that point, I just know I’ll have that empty arms syndrome again.  I like taking care of people and animals.

I’m quite single and not looking. I was interested once, but lately, every guy I come across has too much baggage or health problems they will now deal with.  I also worry that I’ll be cheated on which would be detrimental to my health.  I don’t want to worry about that. I have great friends, family and pets….I’m good where love is concerned.  I’ve been in 4 or 5 relationships, but think I’m better off single.  I’m pretty set in my ways.

I love music.  I was at a family birthday party the other night and my aunt Frannie made mention of the vast number of songs, covering many years (1950s through now) that I know.  She said, “How do you know all those songs?”

“I grew up with multiple eras of music.” was my reply.


This was true because I was raised by my paternal grandmother who listened to hits from the 40s, my father was into the 50s and 60s, my sister Cheri is big into the 70s, I like the 80s and 90s…my daughter and nephew carried me through the rest of the years. I have Sinatra, Dean Martin, Emele Sande, Nelly, Kid Rock, Robb Zombie, Adele, Supertramp, Don Mcclean, Leon Russell, Al Green, and everything in between on my Ipod. Music and food seem to be the glue in our family.  I love going to concerts with my sister. I can be in a horrible mood, but start playing the Doors and, I’m ready to party.

So, that’s a little about me. I’m going to stop here because I need to get ready for a meeting with the ladies’ auxiliary at the VFW.

Peace out!iphone 171




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